Open up your internet browser and type in Click on the Login button which is in the top right hand corner of the screen.

The system Dashboard is displayed when the Primary User logs in.The Dashboard highlights, in graph format, your critical business information. Access to the Dashboard can be restricted via the System User Access button.

Some of the displayed information can be expanded:

If you click on the number of unallocated transactions you will be directed to the unallocated items in Bank Accounts

If you click on the Cash Flow icon you will be directed to your Cash Flow Report

In Invoices Owed to You you are able to change the date. Refresh if you do so to update the data

In Spending you are able to change the date range. refresh if you do so to update the data

Clicking on each individual expense will delete that expense from the chart. To reinstate the expense click on it again

The system is divided into sections that we call dashboards:







At any place in the system you can use the back button; clicking on this button will direct you to the previous screen on which you were working. This button will always be located on the right side of the screen towards the top.

The Support link is located on the top left hand side of the screen. Click on the SUPPORT link and you will be directed to the support screen where you will have access to the following online assistance:

Help Videos - Clicking on the HELP VIDEO button will allow you to watch a complete set of training videos illustrating how to go about using your SMEasy system. There is a video for each section of your SMEasy system and these sections can be selected from a menu on the left hand side of the screen

Email Us - Click on the EMAIL US button and you can forward your query to us via email. One of our support centre consultants will be in touch to assist you

Live Chat - Click on the Hi would you like to chat? button on the bottom right of the system to instantly message one of our support centre consultants

Support Centre - If you would like to talk to someone phone our Support Centre on 087 238 2003

Please not that Live Chat and phone support options are only available during office hours (Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4.30pm and on Fridays from 8am to 2.30pm).

Whenever you see writing/text in blue with a line underneath it this means you can click on it and be taken quickly to view that particular field/item.

The white cross in the red box means that you are able to delete a field and/or item from the screen e.g. delete a Price List item or a Contact. When you click this delete cross a message will automatically appear asking you to confirm your decision to delete. If you are certain you can click the Yes button. Should you however, no longer wish to delete the item, then click the No button.


Whenever you see this PDF icon on the screen, it means that you are able to create a PDF document from the system e.g. create a PDF version of a payslip.

It is possible to convert a quote to an invoice. On the Quotes page click on the CONVERT QUOTE TO AN INVOICE ICON.


Pop up boxes appear in a number of situations in SMEasy. These are designed to alert you to the consequences of the function you are about to perform. Always read these carefully as once information has been saved it is not always possible to delete or amend this information.

When you have finished with the SMEasy system always remember to logout. You can do so by clicking the LOGOUT button on the top right hand side of the screen.