Settings is where you can make any changes to your Company Profile, add additional Users and determine their system access and also where you would Import Historical Information.

Company Profile

To make changes to any of your company details simply update the relevant fields and click on the Save button. If you need to change your company logo simply import your new logo and click on the Save button. 

VAT Information

You are able to change your VAT registration status either to being VAT registered or if you deregister as a VAT vendor. If you change your status to being a non VAT vendor please note that as soon as you make this change all entries created will NOT have VAT calculated. This will impact on the following:

  • Customer Quotes
  • Price Lists
  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Credit Notes
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Business Cash
  • Bank Accounts
  • Owners Money
  • Business Loans
  • Adjustments

This means that if you are capturing information e.g. bank statements from a month ago, it will NOT have VAT calculated.

Before making this change on the system w e recommend that you ensure that all your accounting records are up to date to when you receive the notification from SARS of the official date you deregister.

1. Your Customer Quotes, Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements will still need to reflect your VAT number until you receive notification from SARS of the deregistration/cancellation

Please ensure that you capture your VAT number correctly as this will be reflected on all Customer Quotes, Invoices, Credit Notes and Customer Statements being generated by the system and this should state that you were previously registered for VAT. Normally a letter of acknowledgement from SARS will provide further instructions regarding the cancellation process. You must continue to charge and declare VAT on supplies made and deduct any input tax up to the last day of final tax period as will be advised by SARS.

The VAT Report will show the history of your VAT information

2. Prefix and starting number settings

Once you have saved  the number settings you are not able to change them. SMEasy will start numbering from the numbers that you save for each document type.

3. Banking details

You can enter all your business bank accounts here so you have the information safely stored and easily available at any time - simply click on the Add New button and enter all the information. Your primary bank account details will appear on all your client invoices. Your primary bank account is shown in bold in the Banking Details section. If you need to change or update any of these details click on the bank account name and amend where necessary. It is also possible to change your Primary Bank Account by ticking on the Primary Bank box.

It is only necessary to enter a Swift Code if you are expecting payments from outside of South Africa. If you are unsure of what this code is please consult your bank.

It is not possible to delete a bank account.

4. Currency

To choose whether you would like to have a currency shown and then with what prefix simply click on the relevant box and then click on the Save button.