Settings is where you can make any changes to your Company Profile, add Additional Users and determine their system access and also where you would Import Historical Information.

1. Adding a User

You are able to add as many users as you want. Each User should access the system using their own user name and password. Click on the System User Access button and then on Add New button. 

Once the new users details have been entered click on the Save button. You will then notice that a new tab System User Permissions is now visible.

2. Setting User Permissions

Click on this tab and you will be able to enter their User Permissions. 

By ticking in the box to the left of the function description you will allow the user to access that function. It is important to note that by ticking the Settings - System User Access field you are enabling the user to change any other users permissions including the Primary User. It is advisable therefore, for security reasons, not to allow this access. 

Clicking on Select All will allow complete access and System Lockout will disable a user from all the functions.

3. Changing the Primary User

The current Primary User is the only person who can change another user to the Primary User. To do this click on the blue box with the white arrow. You will receive the following confirmation pop up:

Click on the Yes button. The Primary User has been changed.

4. To Delete a User

To delete a User click on the red square with the white cross. You will receive a confirmation pop up. Click Yes and the user will be deleted.