Download your Bank Statement from your internet banking profile and save it in your documents. This must be an Historical statement in CSV or OFX format. You are not able to download a PDF statement. Check the date format on your computer to that of the bank statement. If they do not match your import will fail.

If you start allocating a bank statement it is not necessary to complete the entire statement. Click Save and all those allocated entries will be saved and the balance of the entries will still be available for allocation.

There are two important facts to note:

  • If there is a possibility of a duplicate transaction (the system identifies the date,description and amount) the entry will be highlighted.
  • If you have spent one amount on more than one expense category you are able to split the transaction as many times as required.

Check to see if this is a duplicate transaction. If it is you are able to delete the line.

1. To Import a Bank Statement

  • Click on the Finance dashboard, the Bank Accounts button and then on Import.
  • Select the bank account from the account name drop down menu.
  • Select the bank statement you want by clicking on the name.
  • Fill in the details of the statement allocations. If the entry needs to be split tick the split box.

  • Click the Save button.

           If you need to change an entry before you save the bank statement allocations click on the Undo button.

2. To Allocate transactions on an already Imported Bank Account

  • Click on the Finance dashboard, Then on the Bank Statement button and then on Allocate Bank Statement Entries.
  • Select the bank account from the drop down menu and select the statement you want to allocate by clicking on the upload name.
  • Fill in the details and then click on Save.

3. To View Bank Statements

  • Click on the Finance dashboard and then on the Bank Statement Saved button.
  • Choose either View by Month or View by Upload and select the bank account from the drop down menu.
  • The saved bank statement will be displayed.