All the entries that you allocate, both income and expenditure, will reflect in this report so you will be able to see your income and expenses for each month. The report will show you the current month and the previous two months as well as a projection for the next six months. The previous two months, figures for each category will be averaged and these will then be the projected figures for the next six months. This report will enable you to see where you business is financially, and where it is going. You will be able to budget and make decisions regarding new expenses.


1. To View, Save or Print the Cash Flow Report

  • Click on the Reports dashboard and the Cash Flow Management button.

  • The first three months will be actual figures (which are in blue) according to the transactions you have entered into the system for those three months; the current month will be in column three, and the figures for the following six months will be estimated figures based on the average of the first two months. These figures will be in black.
  • The third column of the current month's figures will reflect as at the current date.
  • By ticking on the Show All Categories box, which is in the top left hand corner, the system will show all the categories the cash flow can provide, even those without any transactions. 
  • To view, save or print click on the PDF icon on the top right hand side of the screen and click on the relevant icon from the toolbar.